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Crimsonwood Keep PQ information: Empty Crimsonwood Keep PQ information:

Post  Urvin on Wed Jun 03, 2009 7:10 pm

The dreaded Crimsonwood Keep, found to be deep inside the forests around the Haunted Mansion..

Many have gone inside to take on the Keep, few have returned. The grandmasters of the Keep prevented each and everyone who was brave enough to enter, from succeeding.

Urvin and Chip (Nalek24) were brave enough to form a squad of members to tackle the Keep with all their power.. And they want you to help them!

The idea:

Our idea was to form a squad strong enough to take down the four grandmasters of the Crimsoonwood Keep; Rellik, Red Nirg, Hsalf and Margana.

For this to happen, we need a strong and reliable squad to back this idea up.

Seeing how the grandmasters have made it so that you are obliged to bring at least 2 people of each class, we are currently recruiting for our squad.

Do you think you have what it takes? Are you brave enough to withstand the dangers of Crimsonwood Keep? And furthermore.. Do you have to guts to set foot inside?

If so, sign up in the Sign-up topic..

(Quick sidenote: Healers are fatal in the Keep. They will not heal, but murder you.)

All runners are prior to be at the keep 45 minutes before the run starts, fully potted. We will provide a door if needed.


Level 120+ Pirates x 2
120+ Mages x 2
120+ Bowmasters/Marksmen x 2
120+ Warriors x 2
120+ Thieves x 2

Preferred classes:

130+ Corsairs/Buccaneers
130+ Bishops x 2(or 3), 130+ Arch Mages
140+ Bowmasters, 130+ Marksmen with maxed Sharp Eyes
140+ Dark Knights as HBers/attackers, 140+ Heroes as attackers
140+ Night Lords

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